13 Jun,2022


For Amazon US sellers, if you have requirements for urgent and stable shipping time, then here is some useful information that can help you get a clear acknowledgement of the whole sea shipping process!

Generally, there are several common vessel companies that have two or three ships depart from China to the US each week, such as ZIM, COSCO, Evergreen, OOCL, CMA-CGM, MATSON… But the timetable getting so unstable and space getting so limited when approaching the Chinese New Year, you’d better arrange your shipping for loading before 15th Jan 2022 if you have inventory in China and want to leave before CNY.

After the departure, it usually takes around 11-15 days for sailing on the sea then can reach the LA or Long Beach port.
Counted from the ATA, for normal sea shipping companies, such as ZIM, OOCL, COSCO, etc for the moment, it will average cost around 15-20 days for lining up of docking on the wharf, and also an average of 7-10 days for unloading the containers, then we’ll go with devanning and finally delivery, it usually takes 3-7 working days.
If you want to avoid those delays in LA and Long Beach, better to choose Matson company (CLX Line, CLX+ line and CCX line are all available), which has its own dock, does not participate in the co-cabin, independent operation, and has 2 off-port yards in Long Beach, with 7*24 hours no-appointment container pick-up service to avoid congestion and realize fast delivery.

From our experience in transportation with Matson, we have sent more than 27,000 shipments this year and calculated with the statistics from February to November, the delivery punctuality rate is over 97.5%, it is the most reliable shipping channel among our clients. So if you have strict requirements with shipping time, then Matson is a really good choice when Air and Express shipping is not stable for the moment.

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