13 Jun,2022


The primary responsibilities of a shipping agent are to fulfill its customers’ requirements and keep a check on legal changes that might affect the shipping operations.

If you are trying to ship your products from China, it is essential to have a China Shipping Agent. Most China Shipping agents will claim to offer coverage of main China ports, but you should do your research.

You should make sure to check how long a particular shipping agent is operating on a port that you intend to utilize. China shipping agents will reduce labor costs and enable businesses to achieve excellence in manufacturing and supply chains. Your shipping agent plays the primary role in your team. It can influence your business positively.

Freight Forwarder:

An individual or a company responsible for the shipment and transfer of manufactures from one country to another is called a freight forwarder or a freight forwarder company. Freight Forwarder can use single or multiple carriers. These carriers can be rail, road, or sea. In short, a freight forwarder works as a middle man between shipper and transportation. 
Freight Forwarding services include preparing shipping documents and files, Handling cargo labeling, packaging, and transportation. Carrying out warehousing and storage arrangement. Arrangement of cargo insurance and doing a follow-up if required. Negotiation of freight rates and dealing with foreign countries’ custom agents. Their services also involve providing their customers with possible costs and routes, country-specific trade regulations, etc.

China Sourcing Agent:

An agency or a person that enables the buyer to buy products out of its reach or source commodities acts as a sourcing agent or a company. Sourcing agents are needed in international trade.

Some of the services offered by sourcing agents /companies are selecting the right supplier, negotiation of prices, product testing and compliance, logistics, shipping, production follow-up, etc. However, their work scope depends upon the agreement of both sides.

China sourcing agent can be a company or a person who will handle the complete sourcing process in China, i.e., from searching for suitable suppliers to the contractual part.

A China sourcing agent assists in sourcing products and supplying them at lower costs to save money on their production. These agents can either serve one employer or run a business that can help many companies. The discussed fact implies that the China sourcing agent helps you build your supply chain.

The sourcing process in China includes identifying and assessing potential suppliers and every activity. It also involves selecting and engaging with a supplier offering the right price.

Global Sourcing:

Global sourcing is a strategy businesses adopt to buy services and goods from international markets. Global sourcing aims to save money by utilizing cheap raw materials and skilled labor at a low cost.

Some advantages of global sourcing are that it helps businesses utilize advanced resources, technology, and skills not available in their parent country. It also provides quality at lower costs. For example, several companies buy aluminum from Iceland at low prices (produced from free geothermal energy in Iceland).

Product Sourcing:

Product Sourcing involves searching for quality products from reputable suppliers and then selling these products at reasonable prices. Product sourcing involves research of chosen product, calculation of costs, and then negotiations with suppliers to reach the best deal. It has some advantages such as 

  1. It allows businesses to access profitable markets.
  2. Businesses will record lowered costs in every aspect, whether manufacturing or raw materials costs.
  3. It also enables companies to attain the requirements of increasing customers by sourcing its products from low-cost countries.
  4. It provides a competitive advantage over key competitors.

Quality Inspection:

Businesses require quality inspections to ensure that their sourced products meet their desired quality and specifications. Review in quality control is also necessary to avoid any defective products. A Quality inspection helps businesses achieve confidence that suppliers fulfill their specified quality requirements.

Inspection in quality control includes two processes:

Quality Assurance (QA) – setting strategies for a manufacturer to follow. 

Quality Control (QC) – it is carried out after the production of products. 

Product Inspection involves initial production check, inspection during production, pre-shipment inspection, checking container loading, and monitoring products. It helps businesses to avoid any quality problems.

Auditors conduct factory audits. These auditors cover factory audits’ manufacturing, structural, ethical, and environmental aspects.

Factory audits help businesses to save their brand from ethical and operational risks. It also ensures ethical and safe working conditions in companies’ supply chains.

A Quality inspection provides minimal variation in production, reduction of losses, consumer retention, and increased consumer satisfaction.

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