Product Inspection in China

Who We Are?

Our technical team consists of experts with a minimum of 5 years’ experience in quality control/factory audit in university degree. Every inspector/auditor is specialized in a certain category of product inspection/factory audit. All inspections are conducted following ISO 2859 standards for AQL tables use and all inspectors/auditors follow company code of conduct during service. Our internal policies guarantee first-hand information veracity and integrity.

  • IPC – Initial Production Check
  • DUPRO – During Production Inspection
  • PSI – Pre-Shipment Inspection
  • CLC – Container Loading Check
  • PM – Production Monitoring

Why Choose Us

Our expert inspection team can communicate and analyze the  order down to the last detail, minimizing miscommunication, low-quality manufacturing, and protect your brand reputation.

Our team is familiar with all cultural norms in China, such as how national holidays can impact production and factory closures etc.

  • Our expert inspectors will help you in every step of your manufacturing process. Our team is dedicated towards the success of your projects. Our world-class processes avoid high-risk situations and reduces the risk of getting cheated by Chinese suppliers
  • Our services related to inspections will help you control all of your manufacturing processes in China and provide risk evaluation of your project for your brand image gets stronger.

Price starting from $250

Importance of Inspection Steps

IPC – Initial Production Check
DUPRO – During Production Inspection
PSI – Pre-Shipment Inspection
CLS – Container Loading Check
PM – Production Monitoring


  • Ensure your products are transported in the appropriate conditions
  • Container Loading Supervision in China within 48 hours
  • report and inspection certificate in less than 24 hours
  • Confirm your products are packaged and shipped as per conditions stated on the sales contract

Benefits Of Working With Us

For all inspections, OneStepChina uses the standard internationally recognized ANSI/ASQC Z1.4 (ISO 2859-1) statistical sampling procedure. These comprehensive criteria cover: functionality, performance, durability, overall appearance, and dimension. Inspection certificates are issued if stipulated in the letter of credit.

What is an Initial Production Check (IPC)?

An Initial Production Check is an on-site Product Inspection performed before your production begins, up until 20% has been completed. A preliminary inspection of all machinery and materials to be used in your production, an IPC is the first step in ensuring the quality of your product will be consistent throughout production. An IPC is an early-warning system that safeguards your product against costly import risks.

What is Product Monitoring?

Keep your factory accountable start to finish. Production Monitoring means an on-site Product Inspection performed every day of your production. An inspector scrutinizes your factory, enforcing your specifications, selecting units at random for inspection and identifying and eliminating defects. You receive daily reports regarding quality and completion status, putting you in control of the entire process. Production Monitoring keeps your product consistent and to your specifications.

What is a During Production Check (DUPRO)?

A During Production Check is an on-site Product Inspection performed when 20-80% of your production is completed and packed for shipping. This inspection of randomly selected units from all completed batches of your production informs you whether or not your factory is continuing to follow your original specifications, and if your production is still on schedule. A DUPRO keeps your production on the right track

What is a Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI)?

A Pre-Shipment Inspection is a standardized inspection of units designated as unexpected from all boxes of your order, this is conducted when your production is at least 90% complete. As we consider it as your final opportunity to take corrective action before your production is finished already in a factories warehouse, this examination is very effective tool to safeguard your product against costly import risks.


Container Loading Supervision provides reassurance that your finished goods are handled correctly when loaded into containers to ensure safe transportation and delivery to their final destination in a satisfactory condition. Sometimes referred to as Container Loading Inspection, this service usually takes place at the factory or your forwarder’s premises and occurs after a pre-shipment inspection (PSI).


We can arrange Container Loading Supervision in China within 48 hours and guarantee your Container Loading Supervision inspection report within less than 24 hours.