Product Evaluation & Consolidation

Product Evaluation & Consolidation

Why do we need Product Evaluation & Consolidation?

Product samples are essential when your brand is manufactured and sourced in China. You want to see and feel the product before you start production. It is a critical part of the importing process and must be done before you commit to placing your first ‘real’ order with a new supplier, or whenever you intend to launch a new product.

Onestep Evaluation Services

As most of you are busy handling other courses of business, our expert product evaluation team is here to help you with sample evaluation. We will evaluate samples of products you intend to purchase to ensure they are fit-for-use and give you a clear report with recommended corrective actions where necessary. We can then work with the supplier to resolve any unsatisfactory issues. Our team’s thorough knowledge and expertise will ease the evaluation process for you.

Onestep Consolidation Services

As most of you are busy handling other courses of business, our consolidation team in Shenzhen is here to help you with sample consolidation. We will pick pack and ship your samples of products to all over the world from China that you intend to launch but unable to get your hands on that product. Our team will ease the consolidation process for you.

Why Choose Us

Before launching, it is essential to evaluate samples and here are a few top benefits of sample evaluation:

  • Avoid major errors before launching
  •  Helps identify the product’s strength & weaknesses
  • Saves time & money
  • Helps you identify if a supplier is truly up to the task.
  • Ensures product is up to your standards.

Benefits Of Working With Us

Product User

A successful product design takes account of the intended user or range of user’s physical characteristics. For example, using a children’s toy as a product and toddlers as the intended user, the size of the product should fit the toddler’s physical characteristics, otherwise, it may pose choking hazards.

Key Elements Of An Amazing Product Opportunity

The launch of a new product may seem like it’s occurring at a single point in time, but a product launch has far-reaching effects. A poor product launch could mean fewer sales, upset or confused customers and negative ROI. Conversely, a perfect product launch could mean more sales, more happy customers and a better bottom line

Product Categories To Avoid

When launching a new product, trust is critical. One of your biggest tasks during a product launch is to establish trust in your market. Even if your brand is an authority in your industry, you’ll still need to convince consumers that your product is a solution to a known problem.

Unconventional Ways To Product Research

Understand your target customer as thoroughly as possible so you can create a product that matches their needs. You might look at an existing product you sell and determine who will benefit from it the most, helping you create the right sales message.