Importance of Product Sourcing

Product procurement sounds easy on the surface but the process is more complex than reality. Sourcing consumer packaged goods to stock your shelves is critical to the success of your E-Commerce business.

In most developed countries, you are spoilt for choices to find the best sourcing company. Those glossy websites and advertisements you find at times may be a far cry from reality.

China product sourcing has proven to be cumbersome of late.. If you get it wrong, you waste time and a huge amount of money. If you get it right, it will be your business foundation, and you will reap a chunk.

Product sourcing is to find reputable suppliers you can buy products from at a reasonable price. Learning the risks of product sourcing from China is one part of the battle; maximizing profits is another.

China Product Sourcing

This century has seen the intense growth of global sourcing and Chinese suppliers. Having a reliable friend or relative in China to check on your supplier is good, but seeking professional sourcing agents is better. A sourcing company comes in handy while focusing on client growth from your end.

It's not challenging to locate Chinese suppliers in Shanghai or Beijing but finding the right one is. OneStepChina sourcing team will identify high-quality manufacturers in China on your behalf.

Our Sourcing agents serve as your in-country representatives helping you navigate the process. These groundsmen have a network of vetted factories that save entrepreneurs time and money.

Product Development

Giving a complete detail on your product is vital in the entire process. We ensure your budget includes fulfilment costs like bank fees and other packaging requirements as you seek quality.

Conducting surveys and reaching out to potential clients will be wise of you. The product ought to meet your clients' needs. A new product can improve market share and provide economic sustainability to a company.

The product development cycle begins with brainstorming the initial concept to strategic planning. After you release your product to the market, measure its success. Our project managers and sourcing agents will assist you in defining the product features and setting the project strategy.

Seeking Manufacturers

OneStepChina agents will do due diligence of the manufacturer's company license and other documentation to ascertain the factory's capability.

Yeah, it's true. The manufacturing cost over here is relatively low. However, we are keen to check staff compliance and capacity to produce a certain quantity in a scheduled time.

It's common for a Chinese manufacturer to set minimum order quantities on your first order. This becomes harder when you have limited funds or want to start small and first test the market.

The manufacturer may impose MOQ due to a lot of work upfront or their preference to work with large buyers. We use our proficiency and experience to negotiate MOQs and propose the best counter offer.

Our sourcing team will share regular updates through photos and videos during the production process. Providing you with a touch of the manufacturing process will ensure the product meets your level of gratification.

Our Services

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Frequently Asked Questions

Whilst we can help you to source virtually any off-the-shelf products from reliable manufacturers, we prefer to focus on hard goods such as: consumer products, electronics, hardware, tools, etc.

We prefer to not deal with projects related to: clothing, food, cosmetics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, etc.

We respect international Copyright and Intellectual Property Laws, and we don't help sourcing any of the following: fake, counterfeit, brand name items.

Yes, we are a registered company with our offices in Shenzhen & Fuzhou. ONESTEP is also a registered company in UK.

After you fill up the contact information and provide us with all the important information about your project, we will then review your information and requirements for free of course but any significant work committed including quotes will be on the basis of a one-off fee or a monthly retainer or a margin of order value.

Our minimum order value normally is $5,000.

Our customer base includes a wide range of companies from startups to multinational corporations, we’re flexible on our approach and will evaluate every project on a case-by-case basis.

However, we might not be the right partner for you if you are a solopreneur who is just getting started, have a limited initial budget, or don’t have clear specifications about your product needs.

About Our company

One of the most significant factors in the accomplishment of your supply chain is the ability of the potential suppliers and flawless logistics services across the global borders.

OneStepChina is a prominent supply chain solutions company located in China headquartered in Fuzhou and having warehouses and suboffices in Shenzhen and Yiwu providing Freight Forwarding, Quality Control Inspection and Sourcing solutions to global brands, importers, retailers and E-com giants of Consumer Products in more than 70 countries since 2017. At OneStepChina, We only work with reputable factories and shipping lines to make sure a flawless procurement and logistics for our clients.

Our experienced team will choose the most suitable shipping line to meet your shelf life needs and help you not get into out of stock issue.