We live in a digital world. A customer swipes, scrolls and clicks on a product when they like it.

The image on your website speaks for itself. If they visit your store and like what they see, they keep on scrolling your store. For this reason, E-commerce Photography plays an important role in promoting your products and services.

There are different types of e-commerce photography services provided by One Step. We give you clear and crisp images which allow you to promote your business online. If you are interested in hiring professional e-commerce services, we are here to give you assistance with all kind of Product photography services.

Our Work

Our Packages

Basic Amazon listing & EBC content

Seven ultra HD pictures for Amazon listing

You will get the processed pictures for amazon

  • 2 white background pictures
  • 2 Info graphic pictures with white background
  • 1 Quality comparison with white background
  • 2 life style photographs

Price starting from $250

EBC content design

EBC content design for your brand listing.

Price starting from $120

Amazon PPC video advertisement

Amazon PPC video advertisement for your listing.
Price starting from $349

White background pictures

White background picture of your product
Price starting from $30 per picture

Life Style Photography

Life Style Photography

Price starting from $35 per picture

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