Factory Audit

factory audit

Welcome to OneStepChina factory auditing services . A factory or supplier audit is a process of evaluating a factory or supplier's operations, management systems, and manufacturing processes to ensure that they meet certain standards and requirements. These audits can cover a wide range of topics, including quality control, production processes, labor and human rights, health and safety, environmental protection, and ethical business practices.

Why its important to do a factory audit?

It is important to do a factory or supplier audit before starting production for a number of reasons. First and foremost, a factory or supplier audit can help to ensure that the goods being produced meet the required quality standards and specifications. This can help to reduce the risk of defective products and costly recalls, and can help to protect the reputation of the business. In addition, a factory or supplier audit can help to identify any potential risks or issues with the factory or supplier's operations, such as health and safety concerns, environmental problems, or labor violations.

This can help the business to mitigate these risks and ensure that its supply chain is ethically and sustainably managed.

factory audit

Finally, a factory or supplier audit can help to build trust and confidence with customers and stakeholders by demonstrating that the business is committed to transparency and responsible sourcing practices. This can be crucial for companies engaged in heavily regulated markets or those working to achieve specific certification requirements.

OnestepChina is providing factory audit services to its clients with their Vast network of auditors all over china.

Steps involved in factory audit services After you fill the form on onestepchina website,

Our representative will contact you Through email.

They will ask for certain details of supplier, and share the sample of our audit report if you haven’t downloaded it yet, and share you an invoice.

Our quality control team supervisor will contact the your supplier and arrange the audit dates with him. And assign an Auditor for this job.

Once everything will be done with your supplier our representative will contact you back, and ask for product you are going to order.

Once you submit product details and specifics, they will be sent to our assigned audior for your project.

The auditor will visit the the factory and check everything acording to standard according to your requirements. And work on report.

Team will ask you to the payment in onestepchina’s bank account.

Once payment is done from your side team will share the detailed PDf report+pictures and your videos within 24 hours prior to inspection.

You can ask any questions regarding the inspection to our representative.

End of our services.

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