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Welcome to OneStepChina Shipping Services! We are a leading provider of international shipping and logistics solutions, with a focus on serving the needs of corporations in China. With over a half-decade of background in the logistics industry, we have created a standing for providing trustworthy, cost-effective, and efficient shipping assistance to customers around the world, especially for our customers in the UK, Europe middleast and USA. Our team of trained professionals are dedicated to provide the Top notch levelof service and support, ensuring that your goods are delivered safely and on the given time frame.

To meet the needs of our clients, our company provides a broad range of shipping services,

  • FCL Sea Shipping to USA via MATSON/COSCO/EMC.
  • LCL DDP Shipping to USA.
  • FCL shipping from any port of China to UK.
  • LCL DDP Shipping to UK, Germany & EU.
  • Air shipping to All over the World.
  • Custom clearance in UK & USA.
  • LCL DDP Shipping to UAE and Middle East.
  • FCL container booking from any port of China to anywhere in the World.
  • DDP Shipping to Amazon Warehouses with FBA Support.

We have all arrangements to ship bulky or fragile products safely to your warehouse. This involves customs brokerage, warehouse planning, and coordinating the movement of commodities across international borders.

We consolidate and obtain common carrier transportation for less than a container load or truckload consignments and it reduces transport costs and ensures efficiency.

Our team specializes in supply chain management in China and help boost fast-growing E-Commerce and FBA corporations, wholesale sellers and importers in USA, UK and EU. Our team is supervising hundreds of shipments every month. For more information, Please get in touch with us.

Get in touch with us right now to learn out more about our capabilities and to move ahead on your shipping project!

Steps involved in freight forwarding services After you fill the form on onestepchina website.

Our representative will email you and ask for information regarding your inventory.

After checking the details team will quote you the exact cost of your shipping services( with chargeable weight whether its volumetric or actual) if the prices are suitable for you we will get started with your project.

OneStepChina can arrange a local delivery for your goods or you can arrange it by your supplier to our warehouse. As shipping quotes are from our warehouse to destination address give by you.

After receiving inventory at our warehouse, our warehouse team will measure the dimensions and weight of goods and send the details with invoice to you through our representative connected to you with detailed invoice.

Warehouse team will put your goods in the container with other goods and send it to customs yard, our Customs team will arrange the documentation for your goods and they will load it to ship.

Team will inform you ETA and ETD of the shipment (ETD is estimated time to reach in port)

When ship will reach the destination port , team will arrange the custom documents and cleared the customs of your goods in destination country And arrange it for final delivery to your destined location.

Our representative will inform you the dates of final delivery.

A Truck will come to your final delivery destination and drop your goods.

You will check all the goods and inform us , end of our services.

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