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Worried about the quality of your products when buying from China? Worry not, our quality control services is here to help you in maintaining the quality of your manufactured brand by checking your products in the factory according to the acceptance quality limit (AQL) and providing you a detailed report on whether this product is manufactured according to your requirement or not.

Our expert inspection team can communicate and analyze the order down to the last detail, minimizing miscommunication, low-quality manufacturing, and protect your brand reputation. Our team is familiar with all cultural norms in China, such as how national holidays can impact production and factory closures etc.

Our expert inspectors will help you in every step of your manufacturing process. Our team is dedicated towards the success of your projects. Our world-class processes avoid high- risk situations and reduces the risk of getting cheated by Chinese suppliers.

Our services related to inspections will help you control all of your manufacturing processes in China and provide risk evaluation of your project for your brand image gets stronger.

Some common methods of QC include

Factory Audits: To check whether or not your factory can produce according to your requirements.

During Production Inspection: To check the inventory during production and whether or not it has been manufactured according to your requirements to save time and money.

Pre-shipment Inspection: To check the quality of your inventory whether or not it’s according to your requirements before it leaves the supplier’s factory.

Container Loading Supervision: It is done on the port before loading well to shipping container.

Our technical team consists of experts with a minimum of 5 years' experience in quality control/factory audit in university degree. Every inspector/auditor is specialized in a certain category of product inspection/factory audit. All inspections are conducted following ISO 2859 standards for AQL tables use and all inspectors/auditors follow company code of conduct during service. Our internal policies guarantee first-hand information veracity and integrity.

  • IPC-Initial Production Check.
  • DUPRO – During Production Inspection.
  • PSI – Pre-Shipment Inspection.
  • CLC-Container Loading Check.
  • PM – Production Monitoring

Our Product Inspection service brings you an ease in attaining clear image and details which comes with peace of mind so you focus on growing your business.

  1. Feasibility assessment
  2. Product specifications
  3. Find manufacturers
  4. Factory direct sample
  5. Negotiation

Importance of Inspection Steps

  • IPC-Initial Production Check.
  • DUPRO – During Production Inspection.
  • PSI – Pre-Shipment Inspection.
  • CLC – Container Loading Check.
  • PM – Production Monitoring

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Steps involved in QC services After you fill the form on onestepchina website.

Our representative will contact you Through email.

They will ask for certain details of supplier, and share the sample inspection report if you haven’t downloaded it yet, and share you an invoice.

Our inspection team supervisor will contact the your supplier and arrange the inspection date with him. And assign an inspector for this job.

Once everything will be done with your supplier , our representatives will share a form to know about the specifics of your products. Or if you have a golden sample for inspection ( golden sample refers to the product actual sample before the order, if you don’t have a golden sample its fine.

Once you submit product details and specifics, they will be sent to our assigned inspector for your project.

The inspector will visit the the factory and check your goods according to your requirements. And work on report.

Team will ask you to the payment in onestepchina’s bank account.

Once payment is done from your side team will share the detailed PDf report(according to AQL standards whether the inspection is passed or not)+pictures and your videos.

You can ask any questions regarding the inspection to our representative.

End of our services.

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