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Welcome to OneStepChina Sourcing and procurement services, sourcing can be a cost- effective way for businesses to acquire the goods and materials they need for their operations. China is known for its low labor costs and vast manufacturing capabilities, making it a popular destination for companies looking to reduce their costs and increase their profits.

Advantages of using procurement services from China

Firstly, China has a gigantic and eclectic range of factories, meaning that corporations can find a manufacturer for nearly any product they need. Secondly, China's low labor costs mean that companies can often get a better price for their goods, which can be passed on to their consumers or used to boost profits. Eventually, China's vast manufacturing capabilities mean that businesses can get their orders filled quickly and efficiently, which can help them to meet the demands of their buyers.

However, sourcing and procurement from China does come with some troubles. Language barriers can make communication with Chinese suppliers difficult, and there is also the risk of intellectual property theft.

Businesses need to do thorough research on potential suppliers and work with reputable sourcing and procurement companies like OneStepChina to mitigate these risks. Overall, sourcing and procurement services from China can be a great way for businesses to save money and increase profits, as long as they take the necessary precautions to ensure they are working with reputable and trustworthy procurement companies.

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Steps involved in sourcing services After you fill the form on onestepchina website.

Our representative will contact you Via email, and get the details of your products.

After getting the details team needs 5 working days to check with supplier about the price and quality supplier is offering.

Our representative will email you and about recent updates. If you like the prices our team will go for manufacturing of sample.

When sample is manufactured supplier will send it to our office and we will dispatch it to your country at the earliest. ( shipping charges will be paid by your side) - Whenever you receive the samples our representative will take your comments on the sample if there is a chance of improvement our representative will talk to supplier.

After finalizing the sample if supplier isn’t on Alibaba or 1688 or product is too complicated we will ask client to perform a factory audit, (can be done through team onestepchina) or you can look for any 3rd party services. For factory audit services please look for for factory audit section on our website.

After you are satisfied From audit report we will move through bulk production. Team will ask you to arrange 30% payment, either you can pay directly to supplier account and if supplier doesn’t have USD accounts for payments Onestepchina can help you facilitate using their corporate account - The production will be handled by Team OneStepchina, who will also keep you informed about it.

Once production is done and shipment is ready to dispatch, you can send 3rd party to inspect your goods or you can use onestepchina’s inspection services (check OneStepChina’s inspection services).

Once the inspection is passed 70% will deposit will be paid to supplier. And your inventory will be ready to dispatch.

OneStepChina can help you with Shipping to your country please check Feright forwarding services, or you can choose any 3rd party for your shipping.

OneStepChina can help you with Shipping to your country please check Feright forwarding services, or you can choose any 3rd party for your shipping.

End of our services.

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