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Why Study in China

There are 6 Chinese universities ranked within the top 100 on the QS World University Rankings 2021. Overall, 40 Chinese institutions received a ranking. There are currently close to 500,000 international students studying at Chinese universities, with most international students hailing from Japan, the US, Thailand, South Korea and India.

The number of international students has increased thanks to the government’s new improved scholarship scheme, which saw nearly 60,000 students from abroad receive financial assistance in 2017.

In addition, the government is committed to improving the number and range of degrees in English that are available. This has already increased by 63% in the last five years.

Chinese Education VS States Education

Studying in China will provide a different experience from studying in a western country.

First to consider is the approach to teaching and learning. It is well known that eastern culture prefers a ‘rote’ method of teaching, with a focus on students’ memorisation of facts. This approach is reflected in Chinese higher education through the fact that 95% of assessment in undergraduate degree programs is through exam testing.

In comparison,  testing in US universities only equates to 50-60% of assessment, as it also includes projects, papers and presentations in the assessment of students’ overall abilities.

As well as differences in education systems, there are also many differences in the culture of China in comparison to the US. Squat toilets will still be found throughout China and hand soap and tissue are not standard features in public restrooms.

As a highly populated country, the major cities in China are packed with people – all the time – and at times this can be overwhelming. However, once you adjust to this, you will be able to appreciate the dynamic culture you can experience.

If you would like a more western experience, head to Hong Kong. As a former British colony, it offers a home-away-from-home for British students.

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