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Welcome to OneStepChina trademark registration services. why trademark registration in China is important? Trademark registration in china gives the owner exclusive rights to use the trademark in relation to the goods he is producing from china , and to prevent others from using the same or a similar trademark to sell their product in different markets. This can help to prevent confusion among consumers and protect the business reputation and goodwill. In addition, registering a trademark in China can make it easier to take legal action against infringing parties with in china, as unregistered trademarks may only be protected under common law. 

The fact that China is a first-to-file country—meaning that the first person or business to submit a trademark registration application will be given the rights to the trademark, whether or not they were the first to use it—is another reason why it is crucial to register a trademark there This means that if someone else registers your trademark before you do, they may be able to prevent you from using it in China or they can block your goods in customs, even if you have been using it for a long time in another country. Finally, registering a trademark in China can be important for businesses looking to enter the Chinese market or expand their presence there or to save their business from chinese suppliers to start making copies , as it can help to establish their brand identity and protect their intellectual property

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